Viraj And Sitara Share Some Sweet Moments Together

Viraj And Sitara Share Some Sweet Moments Together

Hariyali is endeavoring Viraj’s number yet he isn’t picking her call. Surya reveals to her that she will keep pacing furiously and Sitara will get everything from her. Hariyali asks him what he has come here to get. He says she doesn’t have anything to accommodate me. She is sure there is some malevolent desire behind his tranquil appearance. No one helps anyone without a reason. You will do the damage soon if you are purporting to help Sitara now. Did I say something mistakenly? He denies. I will get what I have come here for anyway you will lose Viraj very soon. She hollers after him as he leaves.

Windows open up by virtue of strong breeze. Viraj stirs in perspective on the noise. He has a smile all over when he looks anyway he is stressed over the windows meanwhile. He endeavors to wake her up yet she talks in her dream in fear. He grasps her to calm her down. Hariyali takes a gander at Viraj from the window and notice him tapping at Sitara’s head holding her close-by. She looks parrot and after that at her cat.

Sitara stirs and looks. I am grief stricken. I saw an awful dream. He signals. It’s okay. We have to close the window. Hariyali is up ’til now staying behind the window. She sends her cat inside when Viraj and Sitara get up. The catlike ricochets on Sitara inadvertently and misses the mark on the window. Viraj contemplates how it came there yet Sitara proposes closing the window first. Hariyali escapes starting there.

Vrinda reveals to Hariyali she is right. In fact, even I am worried over the parrot. They all are intrigued about the parrot. Hariyali is certain there is something strange about that parrot. Vrinda butchers it asap.

Next morning, Sitara stirs. She sees Viraj laying on the edge of the bed and stresses that he may tumble down while moving in his rest. She yells to him yet he is in significant rest. She tries to pull him up yet gets pulled towards him. She falls over him. He stirs and they share an eye can check here infomation about Sitara.

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