Stock Market 101 For Every Investor

Stock Market 101: For Every Investor

Every investor starts off somewhere but rookie mistakes always causes confusion and dissatisfaction, especially if you’re new to the field. However, this effective guide will help you get to know the ins and outs of the field so you can say goodbye to those amateur mistakes and make investments confidently and with the knowledge to back up your decisions.

First things first, what is the stock market?

Perhaps the most important thing you need to know when you’re an investor is about the stock market. This is an open source market. It provides a list of companies with the exchange of the country. The stock market helps investors to make efficient trades and make good money from these processes as well.

What are shares?

Basics of stock market are not complete without an explanation about shares. Shares are generally defined as a basic unit of the stock market and a company’s personal one. This is offered to the public. To make it simpler, it is a part of any company that is put forth to the public. This is done to see an increase in working capital. It is also seen as a good way to expand the company’s reaches. One way to become a company’s partner is by buying its shares until they are able to hold investment in it.

On IPO- Initial Public Offering

Initial Public Offering or IPO in short is something that is provided to potential buyers and investors in the company. This will make the future investor partially an owner of the business. The initial share value is a value that will ultimately be set by the company itself.

Exchanges- Simple enough, exchanges are where trades and related and relevant services pertaining to the same are offered. They are offered by persons called stock brokers. As the name suggests, these are individuals who deal with and in stocks.


For investors to do their bidding, there are two kinds of markets.

  • Equity

The Equity Market is one that includes stocks, cash, futures and options.

  • Commodity

The Commodity Marker is one that includes commodities namely ones such as plantations, metals, spices, and crude oil.

The determination of prices

So how are share prices determined? The system that deals with this entirely comes down to the company and their assets, the value in the market and the growths and declines seen in the same. It also depends on the market capacity of the company. This can also be determined and set by the Exchange with the help of the given information.

Is there a way to invest money safely?

Yes, there is a plausible way to do this. One way as outlined by experts is to not rush decisions and investments. No one becomes an expert on this field overnight, it requires experience and study, these are irreplaceable qualifications. Even then, there are often unforeseen fluctuations in the market that even takes experienced traders by surprise. Therefore, it is important to keep working and studying in this field to become better and lessen the margin of loss.

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