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What is the issue with past outcomes?

I get, that on the off chance that you sell picks, that you won’t demonstrate me future picks. That is absolutely alright. However, why you don’t appear past outcomes? Last 1000 picks at any rate on the off chance that you guarantee, that you have customers, that wagered $20.000 per wagered? To manufacture a business, where you sell one guidance for $1000 or something to that effect, I anticipate point by point results with yield, nitty gritty dangers, chances, bookmakers, and so on for at any rate 5000 picks from last 5–10 years 안전공원.

Obviously, the person didn’t have any outcomes and this is the manner by which I understood, that a large portion of those administrations profit with the SERVICE, not real BETTING. Also, trust me, they are profiting.All in all, how is this conceivable, that there are individuals, that will purchase a Mercedes without realizing how quick it is? Also, what are the things, that wagering administrations know and don’t need that stupid individuals will ever get it.

Concealing the outcomes

I am from Europe and I am astounded how great are American handicappers with concealing the outcomes. On the off chance that you go to an irregular wagering site from Europe, there is a once in a lifetime opportunity, that they will have point by point results with the yield, ROI, chances advertisement everything else, except in the event that you go to arbitrary wagering site in USA, they will conceal generally subtleties. In best cases you get “W-L record” and “benefit” for ebb and flow season, which is nothing. Nothing.

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