5 Facts from Film ‘Us’, a Meaningful Thriller Horror

5 Facts from Film ‘Us’, a Meaningful Thriller Horror


Remember the horror film Get Out, which a few years ago won the Best Original Screenplay at Oscars? Jordan Peele, director of Get Out movie, prepares his second film which is still the same carrying on the horror genre. The film directed by Jordan Peele is certainly not just an ordinary horror film.

Us, the title of the second film from Jordan Peele certainly attracts many people. Especially because Get Out’s performance has some satire of social issues in the film, making it one of the unique and freshest horror films of the year. Definitely curious, what is the second film from Jordan Peele.

The film was written and directed by Jordan Peele. Us took several Black Panther players to become the main cast. Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke became Black Panther artists who played in Jordan Peele’s second film. It’s interesting, seeing that they can play in Us films that are different in this genre.

Us tells of a family that looks very ideal outside. A mother and father who have one daughter and son. Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) and Gabe Wilson (Winston Duke) as parents are taking their children on vacation to their grandparents’ beachside homes. At first, their vacation felt happy. Until the evening, a family that resembled itself turned their vacation into a tense terror.

Horror as a genre of film does have its derivatives. The films from Jordan Peele may be more towards thriller horror. Get Out may be in an atmosphere that will make the audience uncomfortable. Unlike the Us movies that play in the more dominant thriller realm. So, it will definitely be for you who watched excitedly throughout this 115-minute film.

Watching Us doesn’t just make you tired of the heartbeat. However, the brain is also invited to exercise because it will make you think. Jordan Peele spreads his mystery very much throughout the film. However, he peeled the mystery little by little until the film’s ending could shock the public audience and shake his head. Moreover, the super cool acting of Lupita Nyong’o made the film even more dense. Yes, films like this are indeed the hallmark of Jordan Peele since Get Out.Now take a look at how these features of nonton movie.

If you pay attention again throughout the film, Jordan Peele has given me lots of clues for you to understand. So, when watching it must be examined again. Moreover, in the last 30 minutes, Jordan Peele might still not be able to pour all the conclusions properly so that it felt a little overlapping.

But, if you really watch in detail, you will definitely find it. The clue is the year of the film setting that you need to find out because it involves certain social issues in America there. Maybe Americans will be more relate, but you can still enjoy the movie that makes heart exercise!

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